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Free Trial Chat Lines

Our Free trial chat line is available in 15 major US cities. If you have never tried calling one of these lines before; now might be the perfect time. That's because if this is your first time calling; you'll receive 30 mins free to check out the line.

  • You won't need a credit card; nor are you required to speak to an operator. Another great feature is that you can be yourself or pretend to be anyone that you want; since you don't have to give out your name or any personal information.
  • Also, there is no obligation of having to get into an explicit conversation. As noted in the city pages many persons who call the chatline numbers talk about things to do in the local city and everyday topics. However, the option is always there to get into a personal and intimate dialogue as well. 


It’s easy……

  • Pick up the Phone – Dial the number in your area.
  • Record a Greeting (a little about yourself and/or what you want to chat about)
  • Listen to Greetings of other callers
  • Choose who'd you'd like to send messages and/or chat with
  • Then send Messages or a Live Chat request
  • Or Listen to Adult Stories
  • It's EASY and it’s FREE for 30 mins
  • Beside that - it's self-explanatory once you get on the Line and start chatting
  • After that, it’s only Pennies per min
  • and BTW - it's HOT or at least it can be if that is what you are looking for
  • You MUST be 18 or over to use this service

Chat or Listen to Adult Stories

Our chat line has many Adult Stores recorded by girls who call the line. Listen to the profiles of the Storytellers and then choose which stories you'd like to hear. Some are more than just sex stories; they are spoken by women who have more than sex on their minds.

Stories are recorded in many Categories; so, there is bound to be a theme that you'll like.

Many of the stories are about everyday issues and things we all have to deal with. Quite often they are recorded by women who want to share what's on their mind and appreciate a good listener. Some like to share stories about chats they've had on the line or even dates that they've been on.

Call and Listen to a Storyteller Profile today and see if anyone grabs your attention.

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