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Chat Line Numbers

  • Chat line numbers are free to call if you have not called from the same phone number before.
  • When you call from your phone for the FIRST TIME you’ll receive 10 to 30 minutes of FREE chatting time.
  • Most of you will know-the-drill - so I don’t have to give too many details.
  • Call the number in your Local Area -You’ll figure it out!
  • It’s EASY, FUN and EXCITING.
  • There are Lots of Gals on the line because it’s FREE for women!
  • We've listed some cities below and a local chat line number. If you click the link; we chat about some of the interesting things to do in each town as well.


Akron OH

We have some favorite things to do while we are in Akron; however, one of our favorite pastimes is calling the local chat line and making a hookup. We to be honest most of the time my friends and I just chat with girls because we are kinda shy.

Albuquerque NM

Chatting on any of the singles chat lines can be fun and you might just find something new and exciting to do in town. The other night while yakking away we discovered the Solo Club. Apparently, it’s been around for some time; but we had never heard of it.

Anaheim CA

 If you are a California native, then there is not much we can tell you about Anaheim that you don’t already know. But there are always new things to do and if you haven’t checked out any new hot-spots then we’ll bet you might hear about some great new things to do. 

Arlington TX

Well, we all rolled into Arlington Texas the other night to play a gig at a place called Humperdink’s Restaurant and Brewery. We had never heard of the place; however, our manager told us it was the ‘bomb’. I asked a few gals on the local chatline if they’d heard of it and they apparently hang out there all the time. Hope we get to see them.

Atlanta GA

Sweet Atlanta Georgia might just one of the best places in the country for singles. Sure, my friends and I are kinda partial to the place because we know all the bouncers and can get thru all the lines. It’s especially cool when you chat-up a hottie in the party line and then get to take her to one of the clubs and bypass the long lines…..Sweeeet!

Augusta ME

Did I hear you say Augusta what? Yes, we are talking about the ‘other Augusta’; not the one in Georgia. If you are thinking “what is there to do in a sleepy little town in Maine”; then you’ve never been here before.

The town will surprise you and might just turn out to be your favorite Augusta, even though we only have 1/10th of the population they do.

Aurora CO

Aurora used to be part of Denver and many people are moving out here for many reasons. I could list a ton of them or you could get on the singles hotline and ask anyone who lives here. BTW – If you really want to know over 25 reasons why Aurora is so popular; check this out.

Austin TX

When I was on the local chatting line number here in Austin; I met a guy who had just moved out here from California. I never knew that so many people were moving here from the coast. Besides Austin Georgetown seems to be another town that so many Californians are moving to.

Bakersfield CA

I was bummed out the other night and so I decided call a local phone chat line and chat with someone that could life my spirts. Boy was I wrong. I in what I thought was a great convo when the guy told me that Bakersfield is one of the worst places to find a job. Who wants to hear that kind of thing? I pressed 5 to block his number and went on to find someone that was more stimulating.

Baltimore MD

I don’t mean to be a downer; but this might just be the most boring city I’ve lived in. I searched Google for fun things to do in Baltimore the TripAdvisor.com said I should hold a surprise party for my mom. Are you kidding me? OK, just to be fair, I did call this local chatline number and did hear of a few places that might be fun. I’ll give it more of a chance.

Los Angeles CA

I have a story to tell about meeting someone. You’ll never guess where we hooked up and I would never have guessed it before I actually did it. It felt so scandalous at first; however, it seems like it’s a popular way to meet people.

Houston Texas

What started out as a weekend getaway 15 years ago; turned into a love affair with Houston that just keeps getting more fun every year. I could sit here and name a tone of things we are excited about here; but you have to come here and experience it for yourself.

New York NY

Whatever you’ve heard about New York will never compare to actually visiting the city in person. Conversing on a chat line about the city will never suffice; as you really have to spend a week or more here and delve head-first into all the culture the city has to offer.

Then the next time you’re on the chatline, you can tell someone else to stop fantasizing about travelling; and to get off their sofa and book a flight.

Chicago IL

If you are not as positive about Chicago as you once were; you are not alone. Sure, there are things to do in town; however as one gets older it’s easier to just lay around in one’s PJ’s chatting on a singles party line. It’s too frigging dangerous out there. Well I stand corrected a bit because I just read that we are number 16 on the country’s most dangerous cities. Live Safe - Call a Chat Line

Of course on the link for the number above; I do talk about some safe places to go.

Philadelphia PA

Gee if I hear one more person on the phone chat line bashing Philly and telling me that it’s one of the worst places to raise a family I’ll puck. Chicago is the worst city in the country and so are a lot of other cities.

There are many fun places to go in town and I’ll name several for you brave souls who can put the phone down and get out into the sunshine and actually meet someone in the flesh.

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