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Austin TX Chat Line 1-737-204-3335 

Everybody knows Austin is a fun, happening city full of hot singles. But with so much to do every night of the week, I like to spend a quiet night at home every once in a while, and get my kicks on an adult chat line. Last month, to my surprise, I actually connected with somebody who lived here too! We decided to meet in person, and since then my quiet nights at home have become a lot less quiet if you know what I mean.

You never know, you might have the same luck chatting with adults. And if you live in Austin, there's no shortage of places to go from there. The city isn't called the Live Music Capital for nothing, and whether you're looking to two-step to some country music at the White Horse Inn or grind to some dirty Southern hip-hop at the nearest nightclub, your dance floor is no more than a stone's throw away.

Maybe the two of you could take a stroll down 6th street, listening to the music of the various bars and clubs drifting into the street, and take a sampling of whatever puts you in the mood. If the atmosphere gets a little too exciting, the seclusion of the river walk isn't too far from there.

Another place to go, if you're less of a night owl, is out for a hike on the greenbelt nature preserves that surround the city. It's only a mile-long hike to the Twin Falls watering hole--and what better excuse to get your partner to strip down to their skivvies than a long swim on a melting hot day.

If the falls themselves are a little too crowded for your taste, just keep hiking until you find a nice, secluded spot in the woods--shouldn't be too hard to find in over five miles of wilderness.

Maybe you feel more like letting your kinky side let loose--lucky for you, the swinging lifestyle community is thriving down south, with Players ATX, the Jungle, and Friends all happy to take in more hot singles and couples. If you're more the sit back and watch type, try the Perfect 10 Cabaret for a show that's sure to get you and whoever you bring with you going buck wild. That's not even to mention one of the many adult shops where you can rent out a private booth of your own.

From there, there's always the chat line to keep you going--singles and couples are welcome to dial in and hook up with fellow adventure-seekers both locally and nationally. You never know who you might hear on the other end of the line, but they're guaranteed to be just as ready and willing as you are.

It's a quickly growing way to meet other adults and have a little fun. And believe me--if it can work for me, then it can work for you. There's no reason not to give it a shot, so pick up the phone, dial now, and see where the adventure takes you. Meeting is only the beginning.

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