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While sitting in my Baltimore apartment, I often find myself meeting new people on adult chat party lines. This is a fun way to talk to people without any kind of commitment. If there are people you want to talk to; off the chatline, there are several places where you can meet for lunch or for a fun activity.

The party hotline simply makes it easy to weed out the people who you don't want to have any contact with and to see if there are any shared interests between two people.

Oriole Park
If you like sports, then this is one of the best places to meet people in the city. When you're watching a baseball game, it's easy to strike up a conversation with someone who is sitting near you. It's a relaxed environment, so there isn't any pressure that you might feel if you were to meet for dinner or in a formal environment. You can get a bite to eat or a drink at Oriole Park while watching the game to make both of you feel comfortable and to enjoy the time that you're there.

Online Experiments
Meeting someone online is sometimes not at the top of the list of ways to find someone to talk to, but since the ‘town’ is so large and does have a lot of people, it's often the easiest so that you can set up a time to meet somewhere offline. There are a few adult chatting hotlines that feature everything from people who are looking for friends to those who are looking for someone to marry in the future. Most people have pictures and a list of the things that they are interested in to make it a little easier to get through some of the ones who appear strange.

National Aquarium
This is one of the largest attractions in Baltimore, and it's one of the fun places to meet someone new. You can see all kinds of fish and even a few sharks. There are a few floors to the aquarium, making it easy to spend an entire day at the attraction if it's a place where you want to meet someone after talking for a while or if you're simply looking to hopefully meet someone in general. There is a small cafeteria in the aquarium and a gift shop.

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Museum Of Art
If you're a visual person who enjoys a quiet atmosphere, then this is a place where you might want to take someone or meet someone who shares the same interests. It's a large museum with several exhibits of all kinds, including paintings, sculptures and metal displays. Guided tours are available, but if you're trying to talk to someone, then a self-guided tour is the best option.

Little Italy
From restaurants to shopping, you can find a bit of everything from the Italian world in Little Italy. Enjoy a beverage while sitting outside, starting a conversation with some of the people who are also enjoying the sights of the city. You can stroll down the sidewalks with the new people you meet, looking inside the small shops and talking about things that you like.

But hey, if you’re like me; you might want to try calling one of the adult chatline numbers and chat with others as to what other things you can do in town while you live here or are visiting.

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