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Chicago Chat Line 1-312-683-9390 

You might be thinking that live adult phone chat isn't your primary way to start meeting people, maybe because you've tried it before at another place and had a bad experience, or it just seems too fake to you. Well you'll be pleased to know that this time you will get the real thing, as in real singles who would actually love to meet you. And I know because I've done it. I took the dive and before long, I found out just what I had been missing out on by avoiding the adult phone chat lines.

Wrigley Field Or Comiskey Park

This is a baseball city, and after this last year when the Chicago Cubs made the historic breakthrough and won it all at the world series Wrigley Field has become even more of a cornerstone to the city. You'd be missing out on all kinds of fun by not going to a cub’s game here in the spring, and possibly missing out on meeting some singles or having fun on a date here.

But if you don't like the Cubs and prefer to cheer for that other team in white sox, you can go down to Comiskey Park instead. Just don't forget to bring your glove in case you need to impress or protect that special person from a home run or fly ball in the upper deck.

Shedd Aquarium

This is the largest indoor aquarium and oceanarium exhibit in the world, and it's located just next to Soldier Field. You just might meet that someone or plan a date to see this aquatic life with all species from puffer fish and eels, to sharks and even dolphins who jump through hoops.

Sea life can be very beautiful to behold, and instead of having to spend money to fly out to an exotic beach or vacation spot to meet singles on a dive, you can meet them right here and explore the ocean life.

 Pizzeria Uno

This city boasts of having the best pizza, the claim to fame that's also fought among other cities such as New York and Boston have also tried to make. But you can decide for yourself or ask another single at Pizzeria Uno just what they think about windy city pizza.

You never know, starting up a conversation about delicious pizza just might lead to even more conversations. If you've already met someone, this place is great for a casual relaxing date either during the week or on the weekend.

Landmark Theater

Movie theaters also could make for a good meeting place, because while you probably are quiet and concentrating while the movie is playing, you might bump into someone in the popcorn and drink line and talk about the movie you're going to see. And if you like old-fashioned movie night dating, Landmark Theater is a good place to take your date to. It's a magnificent looking theater with somewhat of a look of a vintage theater, but it shows both new releases and foreign films as well as other independent movies.

Fun And Clubs

There are hundreds of clubs scattered throughout the city and if you need a night on the town to meet someone, you won't have to go far to find a club you will probably like. Some have long lines and some have short ones, but chances are you'll get to see a variety of themes at each club you visit. Once you find a club you like and get settled, you can start having a drink and beginning a conversation with another single nearby, or find them out on the floor ready to shake it with you.

But if loud clubs are not your scene, there are plenty of parks and recreation centers that you might meet somebody at while you're out on a jog or enjoying a walk.

Start With Phone Chat

The most fun thing you can do to start meeting people here is to use the free phone chatting with local singles service that's offered here. You can find out what they find sexy in a partner, and how you can make their dreams come true. So, what are you waiting for? Pick up that phone and start calling right now.

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