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Los Angeles Chat Line 1-213-550-2188

What better way for an extroverted salesman to end a business trip to this fabulous city than to enjoy a heavenly Friday night out in the City of Angels? I was exhausted, but still had a ton of positive energy left and of course, I just wanted to hook up with a really hot chick who had just as much sexual vigor as I did. It was the perfect time for me to try out chat lines for singles and see if I could land a date that night.

Much to my surprise, I got a date within 10 minutes of giving it a try. I was honest and straightforward about what I wanted and let her know that I was only going to be in the city for the next 16 hours. She was a native Los Angeles girl and knew the ins and outs of the city. How was this so easy? It was exactly what I wanted.

I was hungry and she was too. I just wanted to get something quick like a pizza or a burger but she insisted that we try out the all-you-can-eat Korean Barbecue Buffet and that I wouldn't regret it. I reluctantly caved in but she proved to be right. By the end of the meal I was stuffed but my wallet was still intact.

When we left it was only 8 PM and the night was still young. I wanted to grab a few drinks at a lively place somewhere nearby and I spotted The Normandie Club. I grabbed a Guinness, and I recommended a Long Island Ice Tea for my date.

It was perfect - the music, the mood, the atmosphere, the vibe, but most of all the fact that I was enjoying every moment of it and my date was simply enjoying the fact that I was enjoying it! It seems love and chemistry works in contagious ways.

About 10 drinks and 3 hours later, we were back at the Ramada Hotel making passionate love. We didn't sleep and I didn't care. I could sleep on the plane or back at my studio in Manhattan. It wasn't such a big deal.

I started packing up at 6 AM and got breakfast at 7. I still had a few hours to kill before my flight so I really wanted to check out the beaches. "Awesome!" She exclaimed. The Dockweiler Beach was only 10 minutes away and it was also right next to the airport!

I always thought romantic walks on the beach was a cliché, but at that moment the experience felt more like a fairy tale or a scene from one of those sappy romantic comedies you wouldn't even be able to pay me to watch on a normal day.

We found a spot near a shade and made love to each other for the last time. We then hopped back into the car and headed for the airport. It was only 10 minutes away.

Halfway there, my date told me that there was just one more stop to make: In-n-Out Burgers. "Remember you wanted to eat a burger?" She said while chuckling. This was too much. It was too perfect. I just wanted to hook up with a girl and that was the reason I wanted to chat with singles that night. I never asked for a perfect girl but that's what I got!

We ate and went straight to LAX. I gave her one last hug and I hugged her very tight and as I held her I whispered in her ear: "I'm coming back for you." She buried her face into my chest and we hugged tighter.

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This is often one of the BEST ways to get a handle on what is happening in the LA singles scene. 

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